Simon De Boer is an artist living in Melbourne, Victoria on the lands of the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation.

Simon De Boer’s expanded painting work draws on the temporary quality of associative memory, shaped by installation, limits and factors introduced by the artist and gallery environment. 

Simon’s paintings are made using found and downloaded photographs as reference, selected for the quality, mood or feeling they attribute. Drawing together portions of photographs with personal associations and other found pictures. Systematically produced; images fuse painting processes with mechanical production techniques, which explore form and seriality. Translucent colour is layered in modulations, producing new colour mixtures and tonal variations that emerge alongside revisited gestures.

It’s through these processes that De Boer reflects on the perceptive space between appearances and reality, personal pasts conflated with wider history, and the cognitive space of painting; where thought or sensation are quite in our control.

De Boer has had projects in spaces locally and internationally including Castlemaine Art Museum and Knox Immerse, Victoria, ES Gallery and AMP Cafe in Tokyo, Vacant Space in Los Angeles, Praxis ARTSPACE, and Salad Days Gallery in Adelaide. De Boer has been selected for the Lloyd Rees Art Prize and Helpmann Academy Exhibition as well as receiving a grant through Redkite and a partial scholarship at ACSA, Adelaide for study. Simon’s has an ongoing collaboration ‘COLOSCENT’ with artist Anna Schwann that investigates colour theory and scent, an alternative colour synaesthesia through publishing and community submissions. He also volunteers at the Heide Modern Museum of Art (Victoria), and recently has completed a Masters of Fine Arts (with distinction) at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia. 

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