Simon De Boer

Artist – BVA, MFA (2020-21)

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Sewing Seeds

Los Angeles (2017)

I started to explore the melon seed as a symbol, and it's reappropriation over time. Material was sourced from history and science books, art history painting references, popular culture and religious & spiritual streotypes among others.

I was interested in interferring with a space that was largly neutral. It was surrounded by dive bars, Chinese restaurants and located within the "tide pool" of a strip mall along a small boulevard in East Hollywood.

The works pose as seeds of time as they explore the fruit of their forebearer. Following this exhibition and documentation, I shipped the work to Tokyo where I was lucky to have another space organised to explore a "sister" exhibition. This allowed me to rethink the installation and a shifted meaning within the work as its environment changed.


Tokyo, 2016-17

Ritual is a limited edition graphic zine in collaboration with Jesse Freeman who wrote the story. Inspired by the absurdity in the prose of Kafka. This tale explores the gulit of a salary man as he makes his banal, daily commute to work.

Comic book's in an edition of 50.
16pp, Gloss finish.

Email me for inquiry.


Amp Cafe, Tokyo (2017)

Skin's material was completely sourced from the street. I scavenged from construction sites, hard rubbish disposals, Japanese recycle shops and second hand stores. Work was largely born from the surrounding environment, more personal in nature with subject and signifiers. The nocturnal lifestyle of Tokyo, and the people and relationships around me all contributed a part in their creation. Broken up works communicate with one another through languages of dip/triptyches and gestalt proximity.

Dating for Dinner

Praxis Gallery, Adelaide (2016)

The work was largely born from an interest in combining pictures and an element of time borrowed from comic books and graphic novels to create new meaning in the combination of images in a single work. There is an apparent narrative and structure that exists within the shaped boundaries of the work that combine personal memories, found imagry and other sources with simple titles to invite personal meaning.


Salad Days Gallery, Adelaide, (2014)

I was interested in painting close friends, colleagues and relatives all with in different stages of living. I went into their respective spaces to work from life and see if it was possible to capture an essence of a moment in a space that has developed either a large part or portion of their lives. I was lucky to hang this show at the former Salad Days Gallery in the CBD, Adelaide.

Primal Urgency

Adelaide, Australia, 2013

I initiated a live painting event at Tooth & Nail gallery with a roster of artists to improvise a wall drawing in the moment. This was an exciting opportunity to incorporate chance, collaboration, music and energy from the moment with a room of spectators.

Art School

Adelaide, Australia 2012

Since graduating art school at Adelaide Central School of Art, I was lucky to be offered a space at a bar downtown. I brought in raw canvas, which I scrunched, beat up and painted on. I nailed the work directly into the wall unstretched.

My old work from my final year (Year 4) of the bachelors can be seen below for context. I've combined the work into an overview.