mutable memories [2020-21]
melbourne, australia

mutable memories

project space: rmit
melbourne, australia

My MFA project during 2020-21. This is composed of my final project assesment, and student exhibtiion.

This project draws upon associative memory and how it responds to the dissemination of media images through sense impressions, such as colour. Through a combination of paint and lens-based media (such as photography and projection). Paint and colour are treated as an atmospheric light repeatedly scrubbed and layered over images, to create impressions that repeat and rearrange the picture. These paintings achieve a jewel-like depth of colour that has formed over time through multiple glazes of transparent paint. Small fragments of the photograph are at times exposed through the surface paint.

I glean snapshot photography from internet and archival sources, a place where private memories and experiences are made available to the public, and their original source of creation have been lost. For me, internet images are a source of ephemeral material, easy to source but the author becomes lost in their repetition and rediscovery.

I'm interested in the dynamic process of repetition and recollection, using the suggestion of an image and glossy surface that captures conditions that surround it (like light) to bring us to the present. The split between the present and the past (as expressed through the medium of media images) aims to take us away to another place within our own mental atlases.

© Simon De Boer