melbourne, australia

simon de boer is a melbourne based artist using an expanded painting practice to engage with possibilities between painting, assemblage and installation. De Boer’s work examines the fabric of collective cultural experiences and considers ideas around the archive, social and family history, and image culture.

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sowing seeds [2017]
tokyo, japan & los angeles, usa

sowing seeds

vacant space
los angeles, usa

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I was interested in the still life as a form of painting genre that is often overlooked. Using the watermelon as a departure point I created this exhibition in a vacant space, typically not a gallery, typically not anything.

Using the melon seed I researched it's various contexts over time. Material was sourced from history and science books, art history painting, religious & spiritual, cultural stereotypes among others.

I was interested in activating a space that was largely neutral with a sensory pink. It was surrounded by dive bars, Chinese restaurants and located within the "tide pool" of a strip mall along a small boulevard in East Hollywood.

The works pose as seeds of time as they explore the fruit of their forbearer. Following this exhibition and documentation, I shipped the work to Tokyo where I was lucky to have another space organised to explore a "sister" exhibition. This allowed me to rethink the installation and a shifted context for the work as its environment changed.

On conclusion of the exhibition I gave all the artwork to my friends.

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